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Reasons Why Yoga Builds Better Bone Strength

Modern studies report that yoga improves the actual congruence of joints, undoing the wear and tear that is the reason for osteoarthritis. Non-impact, non-weight-bearing exercise, like swimming, won’t tear out your joints, but it won’t make your bones strong, either. The best thing is that a good yoga practice can give you all the positive benefits of weight-bearing exercise without worse wear… Continue reading Reasons Why Yoga Builds Better Bone Strength

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Benefits Of Cutting Back On Sugar

There are two problems with the quantity of sugar the common American is consuming: it is way further than recommended (which turns to fat and causes everything from weight gain to obesity), and it is sneaking into healthy branded foods, just as much as cake and candy. In fact, 20 percent of today’s American’s are… Continue reading Benefits Of Cutting Back On Sugar

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Finding Inspiration After The Holidays

Enjoying the many tastes, wonderful dishes and delicacies of the holiday period is a dual edge sword, but no mystery to solve: it the flavor so good going down, but can be so tough to burn off. Rich eggnog, mashed potatoes, beef with a sweet maple coating and cornbread cooking pot; fudge, cake, and pumpkin ice-cream… Continue reading Finding Inspiration After The Holidays

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A Better Way to Deal with Tight Hamstrings

Many people think that they have tight hamstrings so what do they do? They stretch and they stretch. Despite all those efforts, soon the tightness prompts hamstrings strains, especially at the high hamstring connections in the pelvis close to the glute muscles. The issue is that the vast majority have something else going on and… Continue reading A Better Way to Deal with Tight Hamstrings

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Lose Weight + Improve Your Fitness

Losing weight does not necessarily only have to have a surgical solution. On the contrary actually, losing weight is what people want but what they don’t realise and know is that is can come hand in hand with improved fitness, something that will make sure they maintain in a good shape throughout. Improving fitness can… Continue reading Lose Weight + Improve Your Fitness