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A Better Way to Deal with Tight Hamstrings

Many people think that they have tight hamstrings so what do they do? They stretch and they stretch. Despite all those efforts, soon the tightness prompts hamstrings strains, especially at the high hamstring connections in the pelvis close to the glute muscles. The issue is that the vast majority have something else going on and all that hamstring extending is just making the condition worse. Trust it or not, the solution for effectively dealing with tight hamstrings might not include any hamstring stretch whatsoever. Let me clarify why.

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The Anatomy

The muscles of your thigh — your quadriceps and hamstrings — cooperate to balance out both your hips and knees. The quad muscles in the front of your thigh are the bigger, more frequently used and in this manner more dominant muscle assemble. Your hamstrings in the back of your thigh are smaller and generally weak contrasted with the quads which make them more likely to harm.

You have three hamstring muscles. At the topmost end, they join at the back of your pelvis close to your sit bones. At that point, they go to their different ways and interface on either side of your knee. Solid hamstrings give protection for the ligaments in the knee joint and shield them from getting all strained out. When you sit for a long time in a day, your quads and hip flexors get tight from being in a condensed position. Since your hamstrings are the petite, weaker muscle group, they normally lose the fight and progress toward becoming overstretched.

Short hamstrings are normally not the reason for that irritating tight feeling — the offender is likely a blend of short quads and overstretched hamstrings. This is the reason chronic high hamstring stresses are normally a re-occurring problem among the people who gripe of hamstring tightness — the more you extend/stretch them, the weaker they become.


TLC for Your Hamstrings

So, what they are and how would we settle it? An ideal approach to deal with tightness in your hamstrings is to add versatility work to loosen up your quads and focused on hamstring quality work.


  • Foam Roll

Get your trusty foam roller and roll out your quads for 3 minutes. To get further into the tissue, take a stab at rolling every quad separately.


Stretch Your Quads

  1. Kneeling Quad Stretch. Come to a half- kneeling position with your right knee on the floor under your hips and your left foot on the floor before you. Utilize your right hand to snatch your right foot or lower leg and force it nearer to your hips. At that point, bent into the stretch.
  1. Prone Quad Stretch. Lie on your tummy with your right elbow under your right shoulder, lower arms parallel to your chest. Twist your left knee and reach back with your left hand to snatch your left foot. Press your pubic bone down toward the floor as you force your foot nearer to one side hip. Keep your left knee directing straight behind you.


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