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Lose Weight + Improve Your Fitness

Losing weight does not necessarily only have to have a surgical solution. On the contrary actually, losing weight is what people want but what they don’t realise and know is that is can come hand in hand with improved fitness, something that will make sure they maintain in a good shape throughout. Improving fitness can have positive effects on your mental health as well. So with chopping off extra weight from your body, let us chop off the extra stress from your mind! The following are some tips to help you lose weight and simultaneously improve your fitness:

Baby steps

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Much like the journey of life starts with baby steps (this time in its literal sense). When you set a small target initially, it not only gives your body time to adjust to the new regiments you will be incorporating, but also keeps you mentally satisfied as to having completed your task for the day, week, or month.

Monitor Yourself

It is always vital to keep a log of your progress and results. It tells you how much closer you are to your goal; if you are not as close as you would want, then how to alter your regiment so as to achieve the desired outcome in the predetermined time.

Sleep Sleep Sleep!

Research has proven the significance of sleep. Inadequate sleep can actually lead to weight gain. On average people need 8 hours of sleep. However average does not mean everyone needs that exact same amount. Some might need more and some less. Get to know yourself. Do you feel groggy or fresh when you wake up after x hours?

Find support

Finding a person to help you stay motivated can make losing weight much more fun! This can be your friend or a trainer. The advantage is they keep you both motivated and hold you accountable for not reaching your target. Plus it is always easier to exercise with someone to be on the receiving end of your Hi-five after you run that treadmill!

Incorporate multiple exercises

Make sure your regiment is an amalgamation of a couple different forms of cardio as one form, or even two forms, can make exercising boring, there you would not look forward to it. Exercise should not be considered a job, rather a game: you against your weight


Make sure you finish that breakfast!

There is a reason it is known as the most important meal of the day: it gives you energy for the whole day. Always remember that breakfast is the meal that will be the deciding factor as to how much you exercise (or not) today. On average a person burns 2500 calories a day, consider your breakfast burnt anyways. The only difference is, will you burn way more than 2500 because you have energy or will you continue eating because you feel tired and hungry?

Cut back on technology

People argue that they do not have enough time for exercising. You need to cut back on procrastinating and watching TV, rather use that time to work out and/or prepare healthy meals for yourself.

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